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The Ultimate Throwback: Gilmore Girls

In Daniela Arias by Daniela Arias5 Comments

Lorelai Gilmore and Lorelai (“Rory”) Gilmore are more best friends than they are mother and daughter. Sometimes they are mother and daughter with the roles reversed. The viewer will soon become accustomed to Rory telling Lorelai to go to her room and to go study. The young, witty mother and …

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Why The Hateful Eight Looked So Strangely Beautiful

In David Corrado by David Corrado3 Comments

If you’re not above the over-the-top violence, edgy dialogue, and utterly unconventional film practices of Quentin Tarantino, you’ll get to explore a new level of strange in “The Hateful Eight.” It is Tarantino’s eighth film and challenges where the film industry has gone to, and where our styles have collectively …

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Why I’m Voting For Frank Underwood In 2016

In Tommy Lower by Tommy Lower0 Comments

You’re probably halfway through season 4 of House of Cards and are wondering to yourself, “Why on earth do I love Frank Underwood so much?” Hey, we’ve all been there, cheering quietly to ourselves as he and Claire single-handedly obliterate anyone who stands in their way from the Oval Office. …