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An Introduction To “Background Noise”

In Ryan Rosenbaum by Ryan Rosenbaum1 Comment

It’s not often we have all the time and attention to pay to some of our most beloved shows. Sometimes we are subjected to watching terrible television by just flipping on the tube and letting it scroll as far away from FOX News as possible. It is in these cases …

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Will GoT Season 6 Live Up To The Hype?

In Tommy Lower by Tommy Lower0 Comments

With five Seasons in the books and the sixth quickly approaching, it is safe to say Game of Thrones reigns supreme in the arena of hype that rules modern television. The critically acclaimed adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire has garnered an incredibly dedicated fan …

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People Ask Me if I Knew Tyler Durden

In David Corrado by David Corrado0 Comments

In the 1999 psychological thriller, Fight Club, David Fincher directed what would go on to be one of the most bizarre cult films of all time. While Fight Club captured the pure, organized savagery that was Fight Club, and showed its evolution into a complete anarchistic mutiny of society, we …

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Veep for President: Season 5 Preview

In Patrick Bardenett by Patrick Bardenett3 Comments

For those that don’t have access to HBO shows (let’s keep it legal), I can promise you one thing. You’re missing the best show you’ve never seen. While that other incredibly popular HBO show returns on April 24th, so does Veep, the tremendously funny show that sweeps up Emmys annually …

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Why You Should Be Watching Supernatural

In Audrey Alonso by Audrey Alonso0 Comments

The CW original show Supernatural follows the lives of the Winchester brothers. Dean and Sam Winchester never had a normal life. In fact, their lives revolve around the unbelievable and the impossible. The Winchester brothers are hunters. No, not hunters as in hunting deer. Dean and Sam hunt monsters and …