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Welcome To Hemlock Grove

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There are those frustrating days and nights where television addicts stare at their computer screen, contemplating what they should watch next. The choices are endless and it is almost impossible to choose. The struggle is real. But fear not fellow addicts! I may have the answer. It’s two simple words …

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The World of Idiocracy May be Approaching

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With a stellar cast, and a relatively low budget, Idiocracy, a movie set 500 years in the future, may have predicted inventions or implementations that came much sooner than it expected. If you’re not familiar with the movie, Luke Wilson plays a completely average, unmotivated slacker Army Librarian, who suddenly …

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Hey Girls, These Are Boys: American Pie

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In this hilariously told story about a couple of horny, almost high school graduates, we get the full tale of what it’s like in the brain of a teenage boy trying to lose his virginity. For girls especially, this is probably one of the funniest movie plots ever created. But …

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The Movie Goer’s Guide to the Summer of 2016

In Patrick Bardenett by Patrick Bardenett1 Comment

Ah, sweet summer. The weather gets unbearably hot, vacations are abundant, and film makers are savoring the season in an effort to collect all the money they can. With blockbusters aplenty, the film aficionado’s wallet can get a little lighter than desired. That’s where we, the self-proclaimed experts, come to …

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Why The Superhero Might be the Villain

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Superhero movies are starting to scare me. I realized I’ve had this feeling for awhile now. It seems like there has been a takeover, like every big movie that comes out is either a superhero movie or attached to some mega franchise. So I l looked it up. In 2015, …