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Sherlock: The Lying Detective (SPOILER ALERT)

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After a rocky start with the series premiere “The Six Thatchers,” the second episode rescues Sherlock with a solid plot, well-deserved tears, and a lot of anxiety for the fandom. “The Lying Detective” is worth watching for many reasons. Most importantly because you get to see Mrs. Hudson driving a …

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Peculiar Indeed

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When one hears the name Tim Burton, there is no doubt that darkness, cruel, and peculiar are words that come to mind. Once again, Tim Burton has created a masterpiece. Now, I will be honest, when I first heard of Miss Peregrine’s I had no interest in seeing the film. …

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Fauxworthy Podcast Episode 41: INTERVIEW with Sunday Burquest from ‘Survivor’

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This week on the podcast, Sunday Burquest from “Survivor” Season 33 joins Taylor, Levi, Ty and Jordan to discuss anything and everything regarding the show! They cover Sunday’s family doubting she could ever get on the show (3:45), the strategies she employed to get chosen (5:15), “Survivor” themes (9:25), “free” …