13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

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This movie is full of action and shows some of the flaws that the American government has when it comes to making poor decisions. If you’re thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential elections you should stop reading this article or this might change your mind about her candidacy.

The events portrayed in this movie take place in the coastal city of Benghazi – Libya. These events occurred September 11th 2012. Michael Bay directed this movie and with the help of the survivors of the attacks was able to do a good job, the condition for the director to use the information from the survivors was to tell the story the right way and looking through different websites it seems like he did a great job. This director is known for pointing out government flaws like he did in Armageddon and Transformers just to name a few.

The movie shows how Libyan militants gather intelligence on a CIA site and U.S embassy in the weeks prior to the visit of US ambassador Christopher Stevens. The six men that were tasked with protecting the CIA site were supposed to head home and then they were told to stay 3 extra days because the ambassador was coming.

The ambassador had a two men team as bodyguards and another intelligence guy helping with the translations. They also hired local security at the front gate but once they saw the militants walking towards it they ran the other way and left the front door open. Once the trouble started the CIA station chief stalled the six men that could have saved the ambassador because of some type “not having authority”, after being stuck for almost an hour the five out of the six men drove towards the embassy that had been lit on fire by the militants. They were there for an hour, saved the bodyguards and the intelligence guy, they were able recovered the body of the IT guy, but couldn’t find the ambassador. They headed back to the CIA site as soon as they could since the militants knew were they lived. The battled several waves of attacks throughout the whole night, defending the site the best way they could.

The movie describes everything these six men did to try and save as many American lives as they could. While they were shooting Libyan militants for 13 hours no help came from the US government. Having an airbase in south Italy, which was a 20 min flight for an F-16 didn’t help either; their response was that they didn’t have the authority. The best two words used by the state department and all intelligence agencies in the U.S “plausible deniability”, with all the advanced weaponry they have and army bases pretty much all over the world, you might get the idea this shouldn’t happen, but it does and its always because of some high-ranking government official takes its time responding and sending help when it’s needed.

Below is a meme of and ad that Mrs. Clinton was in and below her are the pictures of the four American lives that were lost that day, including ambassador Chris Stevens.


I recommend watching this movie, it will keep you on the edge of your seat and it also shows a tremendous amount of teamwork by these six men who saved the lives of 31 Americans when the government didn’t provide with help.

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