5 Must-See International Films for International Film Haters

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5. Pan’s Labyrinth (Spain)

A little girl with a sadistic army officer as a step-father escapes into a fantasy world by just entering an abandoned labyrinth near her home. The creation of this world in her mind, as well as a mysterious faun character, gets combined with real wartime event throughout the film. In a weird, eerie way, this movie is actually really good. There is a darkness that teens and adults can find stimulating, as well as a fairy tale world that kids will enjoy.

4. Headhunters (Norway/Denmark)

The filming and photography of the landscapes and houses of Norway are enough to get a lot of people hooked, but the plot and character development will keep you watching the entire length of the film. A successful headhunter lives a life of luxury that he can, quite frankly, not afford. So when he is introduced to the owner of a very expensive painting, he cannot help but risk it all to obtain it. How could anyone turn down an American-like plot with some attractive Norwegian people and places?

3. Life is Beautiful (Italy)

This film is nothing short of a beautiful story about a man trying to make the best out of a bad situation. A Jewish librarian and his son are caught in the midst of the Holocaust. To protect his son, he uses a combination of humor, hope, and determination to assure that his son doesn’t really know what is happening. To put it frankly, Life is Beautiful is simply adorable.

2. Three Idiots (India)

After the mysterious disappearance of one of their college friends, a couple of pals reminisce on their hilarious college adventures and try to trace their missing friend who inspired them to think outside the box, in turn making everyone they interacted with call them “idiots.” And the best part: you can listen in English!

1. The Intouchables (France)

An out of work, out of touch man becomes the caretaker of an old, tired paraplegic and builds a friendship so diverse and hilarious that you will not be able to stop watching. You will completely forget the fact that you cannot understand what they’re saying, that you’re reading subtitles, and that you’re most likely crying.

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  1. Makes me want to go see The Intouchables. Already saw The Beautiful Life and also forgot thatI was watching sub-titles

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