The Return (and Re-escape) of America’s Favorite Convicts

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Sound the alarms and bring in the best correctional officers around because Prison Break is being brought back to FOX in the Spring of 2017! With the recent release of the Season 5 trailer, it is hard to focus on anything besides the famous escape of everyone’s favorite convicts. From the first aired episode in 2005 until the 2009 “so-called” series finale, the down and dirty boys of the Fox River State Penitentiary stole the hearts of many and had us begging for more action.

Paul Schering, the creator, producer, and one of the writers for Prison Break, is back…and better than ever? In this fast-paced, stimulating Season 5 trailer, we see something that no one could have predicted, men back inside cells. Well, what would the show Prison Break be without just that, a prison break. In the trailer, it is quickly established that the convicts’ fearless leader, Michael Scofield, is alive and, not surprisingly, back in prison.

Luckily for fans everywhere, the band of criminals is back together to break him out. With new cellmates, new friends, and new enemies, Michael must escape prison for the third (yes, I said third) time.

What about the old characters, you ask?

The loving, dedicated brother, Lincoln Burrows, is back and at the helm of the escape plan, which is ironic because the premise of Season 1 revolved around Michael breaking HIM out of prison. We also see Michael’s girlfriend Sara, T-Bag, and C-Note all with stakes in this escape.

With a lot to live up to, we can only hope that Schering can recapture the action that was present in the previous 4 seasons. (p.s. please bring back Sucre!)

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