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“Look for the bare necessities”…These words of my childhood were brought to life when Disney announced the live-action remake of The Jungle Book would be released in April 2016. I can’t speak for everyone, but the moment the thrilling trailer was released, my inner child was awakened and the rush of adrenaline going through my veins did not stop, even long after the trailer. I was not the only one who was exhilarated about the film. Fortunately, I had the chance to view The Jungle Book with a few friends in theaters. My expectations for the film were more than satisfied, so I took this chance to receive feedback for the film from my friends who accompanied me. To protect their identity, I will only use their first names. The following is the transcript of the interviews with Amy and her daughter, Nyla:

Date: April 15, 2016

Most of my generation and those of generations before saw the original animated movie and now years later Disney releases a real life version. I feel that it’s important to get the audience’s opinion and feelings towards the new film. What expectations did you have when it was announced that the Jungle Book was being remade and released soon in theaters?

Amy: I was concerned that the movie would take away the wonder and warmth of the original.

Nyla: I was expecting it to be lighter and more kid-friendly.

Were there any specific scenes that caught you by surprise? Or any details?

Amy: The scene where Begira told Mowgli to run and that he would meet up with him later and then Shere Khan pounced.

Nyla: The scene introducing Shere Khan was surprising, his deep-voiced played by Idris Elba both was intimidating and captivating.

Did the new film spring up familiar emotions that you may have felt with the original? For example, did you feel the need to jump up and sing when bare necessities was sung? Did you feel your inner child fill with excitement? Did your heart soar with old emotions?

Amy: Yes, all of those feelings! I felt like I was seeing the original for the first time all over again.

Nyla: The film captured old memories of my childhood watching the cartoon with its original songs and the relationships between Mowgli and his animal friends.

Were there goosebumps when Mowgli was fighting for his life? Did your breath catch in your throat?

Amy: It was thrilling and felt very real.

Nyla: There were definitely goosebumps from the action.

Was the actor for Mowgli, Neel Sethi, right for the role?

Amy: Yes! He did a perfect job! Loved him.

Nyla: Neel Sethi was perfect. He captured Mowgli’s lovable lightheartedness and childlike humor

How do you feel about the overall casting for the film?

Amy: Spot on! I couldn’t have thought of a single actor to replace. Superb.

Nyla: Although, the characters weren’t exactly the same from the original, they did an excellent performance of catching the feel of their characters.

Did Disney live up to the expectations of a typical Disney movie? Orphaned hero? Vengeful villain? The importance of family and love?

Amy: Yes, yes, and yes. Classic and satisfying.

Nyla: Disney did an excellent job. I felt like I had been taken back to the classic old Disney once again. The movie outdid my high expectations.

How does the film compare to the original? Are there any specifics you wish were in the re-make?

Amy: It was pretty good. I had no complaints. But I do wish they included “Trust in Me” by Kaa.

Nyla: I think they did well. Although the new movie was more intense than the classic and had fewer songs, they were still able to tell the story that everyone loves without being too corny with real people.

Would you recommend the film to others?

Amy: I already have several times.

Nyla: Definitely. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t shown the same enthusiasm as I have.

Overall, did you love the film?

Amy: Absolutely!

Nyla: Yes, the film is worthy of many awards both for the acting, special effects, and many other great qualities the film possessed.

Well, there you have it, folks. It is crystal clear that The Jungle Book is a film worth watching, especially once you have already seen the original cartoon. Old and new feelings are bound to surface. Disney has done it again. Experience the thrill and the action The Jungle Book has to offer. It will leave you on the edge of your seat as you undergo the intense challenges Mowgli has to overcome throughout the film. Most important of all, in the famous words of Baloo, “Forget about your worries and your strife. The bare necessities are mother nature’s recipes that bring the bare necessities of life.”


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