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When one hears the name Tim Burton, there is no doubt that darkness, cruel, and peculiar are words that come to mind. Once again, Tim Burton has created a masterpiece. Now, I will be honest, when I first heard of Miss Peregrine’s I had no interest in seeing the film. The trailer was cool, but it didn’t intrigue me. It wasn’t until one afternoon when I had nothing better to do, that my sister suggested we watch the film. I turned down the offer, but she ignored me and put it on anyway. As the opening credits rolled, I thought in my mind, “Now I have to suffer through this movie.” How foolish of me to assume I would hate it.

The story of the film was incredible, but it was not the main reason why I enjoyed the movie so much. The main character, Jake, is what reeled me in. Jake is the typical, awkward teenage boy. He’s a bit anti-social, but he has a good heart. The film immediately starts off as tragic. To avoid any major spoilers, all you need to know is Jake loses his grandfather in a very mysterious death. Jake is grief-stricken by his grandfather’s death and starts to reminisce memories of when he was a child of his grandfather telling him stories of a home he stayed in during World War II. A home for peculiar children. Jake’s grandfather would tell of the other children and of the headmistress, Miss Peregrine. Jake, who is unable to overcome the trauma he experienced, decides he can get closure by visiting the house his grandfather told him about. After some convincing, his parents allow him to travel to Cairnholm.

When he discovers the home, he is shocked to find the children his grandfather told him about. Jake creates a close bond with most of them. Particularly Emma. If you have seen the trailer, Emma is the blond young woman who can float in the air. Jake is automatically attracted to her. As expected, he is also awkward around her. Jake’s adorable attempts to impress Emma had me fangirling so hard, my dogs were frightened. The moment Emma appeared, I was shipping her and Jake and naming their future babies. Although Jake was unbearably failing to flirt with her, I was encouraging him from my couch. Emma is a bit intimidating, so I understand why Jake was having a bit of a struggle. Anywho, Jake has the best chemistry with Emma, but he does grow close to the other children. The one person who frightens Jake at first is, Miss Peregrine. The headmistress is one of the most badass women I have seen on the big screen. Miss Peregrine takes care of her children to her best ability. This is true to Jake when a threat to the peculiar children is revealed.

What is meant to be a trip of closure, is a fight to stay alive. Jake never expected to be faced with the task of protecting the peculiar children in Miss Peregrine’s home. Who exactly does he need to protect the children from? He is called Mr. Barron. And he is one creepy bastard. Jake must step up to protect his friends, which is something new to him. As mentioned before, Jake is antisocial. He doesn’t have friends back home. No friends at all per se. That is until he met Miss Peregrine and her children.

His loyalty and courage are put to the test. Through time loops, tall lanky creatures of the night, and peculiarity, Jake needs to complete a mission. A mission to protect Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children. Join Jake on his adventure. You may be surprised by how much you have in common with him.

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