Riverdale: Your New Obsession (Minor Spoilers)

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A good portion of us have read the Archie comics that are on the stands by the cash register at a supermarket. The thought of it being made into a show probably never crossed our minds. When I heard Riverdale was based on the Archie comics, I felt doubtful. The trailer for Riverdale made me assume it was just another show about teen wolves and vampires. So naturally, when I heard it was based on Archie comics, I assumed it was a supernatural version of the comics. It sounded weird to me, so I decided to check it out. Although there was nothing supernatural about it, I was hooked.
Riverdale is centered around the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, the beloved star quarterback of Riverdale High. The town of Riverdale mourns Jason’s death, but ultimately everyone is more concerned with who the murderer is. The gang of Archie comics: Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead are all curious as well.
Archie is the kind-hearted boy next door who always wants to do the right thing. Jason’s death becomes personal to him when he realizes that he could have done something to help the murder investigation. Having an affair with a teacher and torn between football and music, Archie somehow finds himself in the worst situations.
Betty Cooper is the typical girl next door who is crushing on Archie. I don’t blame the girl. Archie is attractive on more than just a physical level. Betty with her blonde ponytail and cashmere sweaters, takes the case of Jason’s murder into her own hands. With Betty’s sister, Polly, being the girlfriend of Jason, Betty is determined to find out what happened, especially when her sister was sent away before Jason’s death for unknown reasons.
Veronica Lodge is the new girl in town. Archie is automatically intrigued once Veronica glides into Pop’s Diner dressed in her flawless black cloak. Veronica may be the rich girl, but she is much more than that. With her confident and flirty persona, Veronica Lodge will win your heart, just like she won Archie’s (though he may not know it yet).
Last, but not least, Jughead. Mysterious, dark, charming and weird, Jughead Jones will most likely become your favorite character in the show. Jughead is a loner at Riverdale High who keeps to himself and starts writing a novel about Riverdale, specifically Jason’s death. Archie and Jughead are best friends, though it may not seem like it at the start of the show. But no worries! Juggy and Archiekins are bros for life. Although they may argue once in a while.
Other than our beloved Archie gang, Riverdale if full of juicy drama and unexpected romances. With Jughead’s dad leading a violent gang and and the Coopers rival with the Blossoms, Riverdale will have you lying in your bed, your eyes widening with shock and your feelings out of control all night long. Especially since Cole Sprouse is starred in it. He has grown into a beautiful man and his character will no doubt win your heart. Trust me when I say you will be looking forward to each new episode every week. I will warn you though. The obsession starts right away and it will never end.

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