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There are those frustrating days and nights where television addicts stare at their computer screen, contemplating what they should watch next. The choices are endless and it is almost impossible to choose. The struggle is real. But fear not fellow addicts! I may have the answer. It’s two simple words that will rock your world. Hemlock Grove. The Netflix original series based on the novel Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy. Amazingly enough, McGreevy is also the creator and one of the co-writers of the show. What better way to grasp an audience and enchant them than to write a show based on one of your successful novels? It’s brilliant!

Alright, enough about McGreevy. Let’s get on with the show. Hemlock Grove is categorized as a horror, fantasy, and thriller. Basically, the best there is. The show investigates the bizarre incidents that are occurring in Hemlock Grove, a fictional town set in Pennsylvania. There are two main characters: Roman Godfrey and Peter Rumancek. Roman, heir to the town’s wealthiest family, is tall, dark, and mysterious. He is the type of guy that looks for trouble. He is every girl’s dream bad boy. Peter, the new boy in town, is a down to earth gypsy. He is the guy that unfortunately attracts trouble. These two would probably never befriend each other willingly, but violent murders in the town have caused alarming rumors to spread. With everyone in town claiming the gypsy boy is a killer, Peter and Roman work together to crack the case of the murders while simultaneously trying to hide dark secrets of their own.

Hemlock Grove may not be for everyone. However, if you love gore, violence, mystery, and horror, this is the show for you. There are three seasons with at least ten episodes in each all ready to view. As soon as you join Roman and Peter on their journey, it is impossible to escape. In the famous words of Brian McGreevy, “Hemlock Grove is where the darkest evils hide in plain sight.”
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