Why You Should Be Watching Supernatural

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The CW original show Supernatural follows the lives of the Winchester brothers. Dean and Sam Winchester never had a normal life. In fact, their lives revolve around the unbelievable and the impossible. The Winchester brothers are hunters. No, not hunters as in hunting deer. Dean and Sam hunt monsters and anything supernatural, hence the title. The Winchesters have a reputation, and that is killing as many sons of bitches as they can. The supernatural creatures Sam and Dean hunt range from ghosts to werewolves and everything in between. The plot of the show first revolves around Sam Winchester and his purpose in life with Dean looking after his baby brother in the process. Supernatural is currently in its eleventh season and was recently approved for a twelfth. The show is amazeballs and never fails to satisfy, but the writers of the show originally planned for it to end after five seasons. Honestly, it should have gone as planned.

Throughout seasons one through five, Dean and Sam are put through everything and anything possible the supernatural world has to offer. There are times where the brothers consider sacrificing their relationship for the greater good. But no matter what, Dean and Sam still manage to stick by each other through thick and thin. Their love for each other is great, and they will do anything to protect one another. This is significantly proved in season five. Sam is challenged over the edge and his time of hunting may be coming to an end. So naturally Dean does everything in his power to make sure that does not happen. Will he pull through for his baby brother before it is too late? The only way to find out is to watch the show. Eleven seasons seems overwhelming but not to worry! Season five is the place to end, mainly because after season five the following seasons are repetitive and not too original. Watching through enough episodes to reveal what exactly Sam Winchester has to overcome and what his fate is will be satisfying enough for the feels in your heart.

Supernatural will have your heart, mind, and soul overflowing with love, hatred, and hope for the Winchesters. By the end of season one, you will be head over heels for Dean and Sam and will be wishing to be a hunter as well. Before you know it, you will be a part of the Supernatural family and will be saying, as the famous Dean Winchester once said, “saving people, hunting things, the family business.” And boy it is one hell of an adventure.
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