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Sherlock: The Lying Detective (SPOILER ALERT)

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After a rocky start with the series premiere “The Six Thatchers,” the second episode rescues Sherlock with a solid plot, well-deserved tears, and a lot of anxiety for the fandom. “The Lying Detective” is worth watching for many reasons. Most importantly because you get to see Mrs. Hudson driving a …

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Who’s Your Favorite | Staff Character Collaboration

In Audrey Alonso, Brian Alexander, Daniela Arias, Madison Mueller, Veronica Quesenberry by Audrey Alonso0 Comments

An Adorable Angel of the Lord Supernatural never fails to impress. The demons, werewolves, and vampires that come and go always add great excitement to the episodes. But it wasn’t until this perfection came into the picture that everything changed. Those ocean blue eyes and that perfectly symmetrical face made …

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The Ultimate Throwback: Gilmore Girls

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Lorelai Gilmore and Lorelai (“Rory”) Gilmore are more best friends than they are mother and daughter. Sometimes they are mother and daughter with the roles reversed. The viewer will soon become accustomed to Rory telling Lorelai to go to her room and to go study. The young, witty mother and …