5 Movies To Watch For The [Legal] Weed Enthusiast

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If you’re living in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, or Oregon, which, due to recent legislation, has gotten a lot more awesome, you may need some movies to help expand your mind. As you’re puffing on the Chronic, potentially wondering why the fuck you chose to live in Alaska, try pairing your puffs with some of this editor’s picks.

  1. Dude, Where’s My Car (2000)

This one wins it for me personally, due to the slapstick comedies acknowledgment of small cinematic details. I swear, they are THERE.

Weed 1

This little easter egg during the Chinese Food scene shows that the film knows who it’s catering to, despite the fact that it’s two protagonists are never actually shown smoking weed. (Though a dog is).

I think the IMDB Parental Guide for the movie is pretty funny out of context as well.


Either way, if you haven’t experienced the rite of passage of watching this movie, DO IT….. It has extremely hot chicks with large breasts.(They said it, not me)

Weed 2

  1. Interstellar(2014)

Interstellar is quite the mindfuck….but not in a dark way. I love that the film itself took incredibly long just to conceive at first, and after so many script changes, theoretical physics answers, and an ironclad cast, the film can’t help but inspire curiosity about the stars for all of us.

Weed 3

It’s long, but it’s one of those that’s worth the ride, like many other directorial displays from Christopher Nolan before (The Dark Knight Series, Memento).

Interstellar appeals to both the stoned and the sober, and knocks you back like a truck regardless of your choice to enjoy Colorado herbals or not. Shout out to TARS for having a solid sense of humor, even when Cooper turned it down quite a bit. Why so serious, Coop?

Weed 4

If you put the GRASS in Neil DeGrasse Tyson, you need a big hit of Interstellar.

  1. The Union (2007)

As someone who supports pot legalization, I can’t help but throw this doc on the list, because it goes hard in the paint. It tackles the ethical, economical, and social benefits of legalizing cannabis. It also launches a full-fledged assault on the pluralistic politics that continue to keep cannabis illicit (in most places.)

Weed 5

Some parts of the film are kind of like “Man, weed being fucking illegal is crazy as shit and unreasonable”-esque, but I think that’s kind f the point of it. It’s loaded with opinions from people like Joe Rogan, Tommy Chong, and Ralph Nader. If you want to be a part of the discussion and have intelligent talking points, whether they’re for cannabis or against, this is the documentary for it.

Weed 6

It’s even got footage of illegal grow ops, and goes into great (but anonymized) detail of the process of getting weed to consumers….well, ONLY THE ILLEGAL ONES. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Seriously though, puff on reality a bit, MAN.

  1. Either film in the Jump Street Series

The Jump Street Saga is satirical, slapstick, and self-aware. It’s one of the rare movies that slams together a solid cast and still manages to deliver on content. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill nail their roles in both of the films, playing undercover cops who have to find distributors of the craziest fake drugs of all time, and the sequel manages to still stay refreshing, unlike certain gambling based hangover movies which will not be named.

Weed 7

The Jump Street series is filled with drugs, antics, hazing, stabbings, getting shot in the dick, and banging Ice Cube’s daughter. Just a heads up, H.F.S and WHYPHY are probably not real (yet), so stick to what you know is safe, and play this combo back to back.

Weed 8

  1. Superbad (I know I didn’t pick Pineapple Express, I’m sorry)

Superbad was just too original in itself for me to choose Pineapple Express over it. I also like the fact that the movie isn’t bizarre because of weed being a theme, it’s just standalone bizarre, which would appeal to anyone who’s being mindfucked by any of the products shown below. The first time I saw the obsession with drawing dicks flashback, I think I blacked out a few minutes of the movie from hysteria. The thought processes of every character in this movie are just so fucking out there, that it works.

Weed 19

There’s no other movie where you get to ride-along with Seth Rogan and Bill Hader as your police officers, no other movie with Jonah Hill fleeing a party with laundry detergent containers, no more cringe-worthy scene than the period blood dance. I think Superbad may have been the best pipedream for a movie of this millennium. I think Superbad was Judd Apatow’s Establishing Shot (okay, pun intended). Without this stoner comedy to start things off, we may have missed out on other Apatow classics, which would have been horrible.

Weed 10

Yes Mclovin, you made it into this post, lock the door this time though.
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