Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

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Our favorite attorney is back, and he’s decided….not to be a lawyer, for now at least. While we may know from Breaking Bad may that something brings James McGill back to the profession, for now, he’s going to do some damage being Slippin’ Jimmy for a bit of time. Here were the main events we have to take note of as we await 202.


  1. Foreshadowing: Saul Goodman may soon further his relationship with the Mexican Cartel. Why would I think this? Notice the tequila Saul swindles the stock broker out of shot after shot of.

Better Call Saul 1

Do you recognize it? It was the same kind used to assassinate a litany of mexican drug kingpins by Gus Fring, RIP.

Better Call Saul 2

  1. Pryce is about to get fucked over. He’s getting too cocky, and too stupid. Nacho knows his address, and figured out how to get his drug money back, and police know he’s a fishy guy at least. He’s shown his hand, and if the Cartel doesn’t fuck his life up, the police are setting up to. Either way, not having Mike to get his back was a bad move, despite how sick and intimidating his Hummer H2 looked. His future partner may soon be Saul.

Better Call Saul 3

  1. The Pinky Ring is rockin’

Better Call Saul 4

Marco’s gone, but maybe his spirit isn’t for Saul. Marco’s death at the end of season 1 may have reminded James that it his core, he’s Slippin’ Jimmy, he’s got a sleazy side that he flourishes with. While he’s in the pool, he’s coming to grips with this, but hasn’t touched on how to mix it with being a lawyer yet.


4.Saul must use a Nokia Phone.

Better Call Saul 5

No other phone would survive that water, plastic bag or not. A Nokia will.RIP

Better Call Saul 6

Stay tuned for Better Call Saul episode 2, Cobbler, Tonight on AMC.

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