The World of Idiocracy May be Approaching

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With a stellar cast, and a relatively low budget, Idiocracy, a movie set 500 years in the future, may have predicted inventions or implementations that came much sooner than it expected. If you’re not familiar with the movie, Luke Wilson plays a completely average, unmotivated slacker Army Librarian, who suddenly gets tossed in a cryogenic chamber, for what’s supposed to be a year. He’s sent with a woman who he doesn’t realize is a prostitute, and believes to be an artist who can’t catch a break. This woman, played by Maya Rudolph was forced into the one year cryogenic program as a bargaining chip for prison sentencing, and her debt to her pimp, Upgrayedd (don’t ask why there’s two d’s). By a series of unfortunate events, and plain idiocy, the program is forgotten, and the two are stuck in these chambers 499 years longer than expected, with a destiny of saving Earth. As bizarre as the new United States is with Valley Girl as its official language, some of what we see in the movie may be a large scale of many lifestyles we see today.

Abundance of Media Content, Shorter Attention Spans

As you can see in the picture, with Dax Shephard’s character on screen, he’s immersed in a multiscreen television, with different media scattered throughout the TV, though he’s obviously most focused on Ow My Balls. When you think about it, Apple TV, gaming consoles, our TV’s, and even social media like SnapChat have a setup that’s at least approaching this, if not already there. Idiocracy, a film made in 2006, saw a content explosion like this coming before Facebook went public.

President Dwayne Elizando Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

I’m not going to say anything about Donald Trump, I’m not going to say anything about Donald Trump…..BUT…BUT. With a name spanning multiple…well, names, adjectives, soda brands,Terry Crews outlandish character is brilliant. The monstrous, gun firing, American flag blaring, motorcycle riding ex-pornstar president may be mild jab at the driving factors that some Americans use to guide their voting choices. I’m not going to side with anyone on this election, in this article, because that’s not really the point, and the whole system is really the main criticism of this movies portrayal. Especially it’s gentle nod to Private sector interests influencing government.

Electrolytes, It’s What Plants Crave

While I know Brawndo is throwing major shade at my Alma Mater’s brainchild, Gatorade, Brawndo represents what’s probably the biggest monopoly in this 2500’s time period. They’re a massive corporation, staffed by massive amounts of employees, and heavily influenced by automated stock market perceptions (Nobody in this new era has the brains to do it themselves). Brawndo’s pluralist influence is so heavy in the new America, that all our crops are watered by THE THIRST MUTILATOR! What people don’t know, is that Brawndo has really killed the soil, and is responsible for the approaching devastation that comes with famine.

This is what Thirst Mutilation looks like under the microscope.

Automation, Humans Need Not Apply

One huge factor in the future, is that everything is automated. Everything is automated, though still ran and maintained by people that aren’t smart enough to get the technology working properly. After all, this can be seen in the mistake that led to Luke Wilson’s character name being “Not Sure.” (Watch the movie, there may or not be some tongue and cheek symbolism within that, winky face). Even the hospitals are automated as much as fast food restaurants are in the new era, leaving anything outside a button press to become an impossible task among the general population. We sometimes hear that our attention spans, as well as other mental skills are changing, possibly due to the more prevalent youth use of smartphone technology. While we may not have our fingers on the truth about this technology’s side effects yet, or it’s cultural effects, I think the movies making a stance about what automation at least has the potential to do to our society, if not used properly.

Just for fun, here’s just a few more examples of the world of Idiocracy

Is Idiocracy approaching? You Decide

One of the key factors in this Mike Judge brain baby was how the Earth got dumb. Population explosion, mainly of people with lower IQ’s (in the movie) who kept having accidental pregnancies, thus procreating, and making a world full of unintelligent ancestral roots. Smarter people in the movie were believed to have waited a long time to have children, due to their understanding of responsibility, except they waited so long, and had kids so infrequently, that not enough intelligent people reproduced. Obviously, in that five hundred year span, more went on to throw humanity off course, but I think this aspect could potentially be debated by Census bureau’s, sociologists, and other statisticians who are better educated on population trends. However, there are arguments that faster developing, more sophisticated nations like the United States and Japan, may have declining birth rates by choice. Maybe the movie is entirely too pessimistic though, planet Earth may be just fine…but still, watch it for the laughs at least, you won’t regret it.

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