Nicolas Winding Refn’s Bizarre Neon Demon

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Director Refn is not new to dark thrillers. Refn directed Drive back in 2011 which received a British Academy nomination for Best Picture and Best Direction. Neon Demon reveals a world obsessed with beauty and perfection.

Neon Demon is dark, erotic and even cringe worthy. Dancing between beauty and madness. It uncovers the face of the model and reveals the darkness that lies within. Elle Fanning plays a young model who is thrown into the fast LA fashion industry. She soon learns that lies and betrayal are the only way to rise the top.

The movie mesmerizes with stunning lighting and contrasting colors. Paired with techno music that creates an eerie atmosphere. The lack of dialogue is substituted with haunting and surreal scenes that confusing reality with illusion. The audience is ripped from this trance with horrifying acts of cannibalism and suicide.

Elle Fanning shows a maturity in her acting. Fanning portrays a girl who is virgin in appearance and experience. She transforms into cynical and self-centered women when she realizes the power she holds with her beauty.

The movies take a sharp turn when Jesse, played by Fanning, is killed and then eaten by two other models who were envious of her quick success. They had hoped to consume her beauty.
The movie was received modestly by audiences and critics. Scoring 51% with Metacritic and 70% with IMDB.

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