The Genius Behind Mr. Robot

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Mr. Robot is a stand out Drama on USA Network. It has received 98% critic approval on Rotten Tomatoes and 88% on IMDB. It follows Elliot, played by Rami Malek, who is a computer security engineer by day and a hacker by night. He joins a group to help destroy the top 1% who control society.

Mr. Robot shows a real depth of knowledge when it comes to the computer world and hacker culture in general. Elliot serves as a sort of Robin Hood of the digital age. Trading a bow for a computer.

An interesting aspect of the show is that Elliot breaks the fourth wall, engaging the audience in a one-way conversation and Illustrating his thoughts and feelings. Elliot’s complexities deepen when it becomes apparent that he has depression and anxiety.

The series won Best TV Drama at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards and has been nominated for various other awards.

Its popularity with audiences may stem from its cynical, anti-institution plot. F-Society is a group created by Elliot and his sister that hope to take down the rich and level the playing grounds for the average person.

Cristian Slater also stars in the series playing Elliot’s father. His anti-society rhetoric is reminiscent of his role as Jason Dean in Heathers.


The series was created by Sam Esmail. Esmail only directed two movies before his hit series. He said his major influences included work such as A Clockwork Orange and Fight Club. The influences are quite evident because these movies protagonists also break the forth wall and display a cynical nature towards life.

The show is on Wednesdays at 10pm on USA Network.

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