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With the recent release of the trailer for what seems to be a shocking turn for one of Netflix’s most prominent original productions, Orange is the New Black begins its volatile descent into what appears to be a dramatic tone not seen in the show’s brief but successful history. Armed guards, gang and turf wars, and fresh blood give a new look to Litchfield’s ladies.

Jenji Kohan comes back writing thicker and juicier plots for all involved parties, a shift that was easily noted during the most recent season. The plot tangled together foes and friends alike in a way previously nonexistent, creating a split between the prison as easily identifiable as a middle school lunchroom. What Kohan capitalizes on though is the ecosystem of prison life and the delicate balances that should not be disturbed. While Piper’s panty business (say that three times fast) quickly became a topic of interest, the Latinos, Blacks, and Guards all got fully fledged story lines, showing the strength and depth of the actors when presented with a new challenge.

While Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, portrayed by Uzo Aduba, will forever be a fan favorite, the trailer seems to focus elsewhere with Piper’s showdown with her enemies, workers, and even friends being portrayed as the central event. One aspect not to overlook is the flashback backstories that have become synonymous with the series, creating a dual identity for every character, with one being before prison life and one during. Since the show’s conception, these flashes have been instrumental in moving the story forward and understanding how not only a character was arrested, but the choices that led up to the arrest in the first place. Personalities and talent have been and will surely again be on full display.

So what about the new faces?

Last season the world ogled over the controversial addition of Australian star Ruby Rose, who played a new lover and adversary for Piper (Taylor Schilling). Rose’s character, Stella, brought a new era of confidence to the dejected and desperate life that prison provides. The new energy was contagious both on the screen and on the ratings, as season three roared to the top of Netflix’s most popular programs. This season, the trailer talks about new faces but hardly introduces specifics, leading to massive speculation as to who Litchfield’s new chew toy will be.

Netflix has decided to dive into original content, with Orange is the New Black being one of the first, and frankly best, products to date. The results are mixed throughout, but one thing is certain.
Orange is the New Black is as oddly addicting as it is hilarious

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