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The world’s most impressive secret agent is back at it as FX’s highly celebrated comedy Archer returns for its seventh season. The fast-paced and highly intelligent brilliance of Adam Reed will surely be on display once again in what is to be the second season of espionage since the show took a shocking turn in season five. With the tenacious gang taking up drug trafficking to take the show in a new direction, because, according to Reed, he was “bored” and “it sounded like a good idea”.

Quick wit and snappy comebacks quickly became a staple of Archer, often considered one of the best-written shows on television. While comedies can struggle to maintain some degree of freshness and structure needed to keep audiences rolling, Archer seems to have found a blueprint for success that begins with the plethora of solid character development. With sex addicts, alcoholics, psychotics, and narcissists defining nearly every character simultaneously, the cast eagerly looks to smash the envelope and destroy modern-day civility.

But what about the elephant in the room?

Yes, Archer is an adult animated comedy, but it is so much more than that. Breaking down stereotypes set by the Simpsons and Family Guy is just the tip of the iceberg for the geniuses behind the artwork. It’s a highly intelligent comedy that can only achieve its record-breaking level of lunacy through animation. With senseless violence reminiscent of Tarantino films, Archer takes the gore out and doubles down on the hilarity.

With no signs of slowing down both on the script and in the ratings, the unique crew has created a cult following that will keep the show healthy and airing for the foreseeable future. Even without confirmation of the eighth season, Adam Reed is surely in total control over the future of the show. How long will they last? For now, let’s just keep enjoying our rides through the zany adventures of Archer and the rest of his fellow sociopaths.

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