What Is It To Be A Hero? Look In The Mirror And You’ll Know

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This past weekend Marvel released the latest season of Daredevil, a Netflix Original series. Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer by day and bone cruncher by night, makes his return to Hell’s Kitchen in stunning fashion. Accompanied by superb casting and relentless attention to detail, season two dives darker and deeper than ever before. Daredevil’s premiere season stars Wilson Fisk as the supervillain behind the madness, and the producers decided to double down this season bringing two of Marvel’s poster children to light. Full of pain and all out of remorse, the Punisher is portrayed by Jon Bernthal (better known as Shane from The Walking Dead), a picture perfect choice to assert hard vengeance to counteract the so-called ‘heroics’ of Daredevil himself. As if morality wasn’t enough to contemplate, Marvel brings Elektra into the fray and creates a hauntingly beautiful dynamic between the two ex-lovers that is just as remarkable as it is deadly. Elodie Yung got the nod to play the role, kicking the femme fatale archetype into overdrive with sexuality and a thirst for blood emanating from her very being. That’s what’s new… what about those we already know?


Karen Page and Foggy Nelson return in full force, with new developments for each. Karen, depicted by Deborah Ann Woll, quickly goes from damsel in distress to certifiable badass, bringing her sense of justice to the series. As for the show’s right-hand man, Foggy gets a second chance at being more than just the show’s funny fat friend. Elden Henson shines in and out of the courtroom and tugs on the heartstrings when he struggles to get the respect and attention a good friend deserves.


A staple of Marvel’s works over the years is the incredible fight choreography, with this season packing in the knockout punch. Combining the harsh camera angles with brutal combos and familiar weapons, the violence is aesthetically jaw-dropping and equally brutal. Daredevil is not for the faint of heart, and it’s clear the show wanted to take the viewers on a sick and twisted ride through the world of one blind man against ancient organizations hell bent on destruction.

For the moments that aren’t filled with breaking bones and taking names, the show keeps the viewer in a constant state of attention with a unique use of sounds, or lack thereof, in recent memory. Keeping in mind that Daredevil does not have any actual superpowers and happens to be blind, this disability has been turned into a strength that the world has never seen before. Being able to read heartbeats, heat patterns, and people’s breath make for Sherlock-esque moments of insight and discovery.

This gritty depiction of one of Marvel’s most famous heroes has struck gold yet again, as the new era of superheroes on the small screen has begun. With fierce competition from DC and even other Marvel products, Daredevil sets itself apart through a ruthless trek into the minds of heroes and villains alike, showing that the difference between the two is not easily distinguishable. A trademark of high-quality cinema is the ability to make the viewer question their beliefs and what they believe to be true. Daredevil attacks the human rationale with bullets, lust, love, and loss to encapsulate the very limits of humanity itself.


You can find the new season of Daredevil on Netflix right now. 

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