Fauxworthy Podcast Episode 24: All Hail The King of TV

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We’ve been beating around the bush too long! This week, we dive into talk of HBO’s unrivaled Sunday night schedule. In the episode, Bryan tries to recap his first ever “Game of Thrones” episode, we discuss the difficulty of living in a “Game of Thrones” world, and we debate the importance of plot to comedies. All that and much, much more is available for your listening pleasure right here and now on TheFauxworthyPodcast.com.


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Here’s the timeline:

Intro 00:00-02:50

“Game of Thrones” [SLIGHT SPOILERS] 02:50-12:45

The Motivation to Catch up on “Thrones” 12:45-17:15

“Silicon Valley” and “Veep” 17:15-22:30

TV Fandom 22:30-23:55

Coming Up On…TV 23:55-27:36

Original Recording Date: May 17, 2016

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