Fauxworthy Podcast Episode 37: The Thirty-Third SOLE SURVIVOR (Special Post-Game Episode)

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“Survivor” Season 33 has come to a close, and we have one more special episode to help wrap things up. Levi Bradford returns and fellow Fantasy Survivor league member Ty Commons joins the fray to put a bow on another fun season of Jeff Probst & Friends.

They discuss the Fantasy Survivor results (1:05), and recap a wild three-hour finale night, including talk of lost HDMI cords (2:25), the Final Four tribal decision that didn’t pay off (7:45), a casting proposal for the show (12:10), the case for Ken McNickle (15:15), Adam’s mom [su2c.org/survivor] (19:20), the season’s best moments (26:45), and Ty’s Sunday conspiracy theory (29:30). Then they preview the Season 34 cast and Taylor tries to contain his excitement for Aubry’s return (33:25).

Special appearances by our champion, Jordan, preparing pizza. All hail the queen.

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As always, thanks to Levi for the theme song. You can find his music here.

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