Fauxworthy Podcast Episode 41: INTERVIEW with Sunday Burquest from ‘Survivor’

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This week on the podcast, Sunday Burquest from “Survivor” Season 33 joins Taylor, Levi, Ty and Jordan to discuss anything and everything regarding the show!

They cover Sunday’s family doubting she could ever get on the show (3:45), the strategies she employed to get chosen (5:15), “Survivor” themes (9:25), “free” days (13:30), which Survivors were good at telling time on the island (15:20), the role of producers and crew (16:40) and some of the differences between life on the island and how it was portrayed on TV (20:00).

They also discuss constantly expecting to go home (24:30), drawing rocks at tribal council (27:00), Sunday’s impression of Jeff Probst (32:30), being a member of the jury (33:20), whether their minds were made up before final tribal (37:45), Adam’s mom (39:50), Bret’s weird lie (43:30), Sunday’s feelings about Ken (45:00), what she would have done differently if she could do it again (50:00) and the balance between making moves and not putting a target on your back (53:00).

Finally, they wrap up by talking about balancing religious life on the island with it being a game (56:40), Sunday’s secret passion (60:30), her new day job (61:45) and her life tip (62:45).

You can follow Sunday on Twitter @sundaysurvivor, Taylor @GainesTaylor, Levi @LeviTheBradford, Ty @TylerBCommons and Jordan @JordanABradford.

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As always, thanks to Levi Bradford for the theme song. You can find his music here at poblano.bandcamp.com.


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