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This week, we have a very special episode. Taylor is joined by the creator of the theme song of The Fauxworthy Podcast, Levi Bradford, to discuss the upcoming season finale of Survivor Season 33, including talk of their Survivor fandom beginnings (3:00), their Fantasy Survivor league (8:00), heartbreak on television (14:30), Fig-Tails (15:00), Survivor themes (18:35), forgotten Season 33 stars (24:10), Bret’s coming-out party (28:00), honorary Most Interesting Man in the World Ken McNickle (30:15), Adam’s hero journey (31:15), the finale’s weird timing (39:00) and predictions for Wednesday night (40:00).

(Apologies for the audio quality; it’s a bit in and out because we didn’t have Bryan’s mic for this. Hopefully it’s listenable for the most part, though. Tried to pull off some Audacity tricks to save it.)

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As always, thanks to Levi Bradford for the theme song. You can find his music here.

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