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We are happy to welcome a new frontier of Podcast shows to The Establishing Shot lineup. The Fauxworthy Podcast is a new featured podcast show from Taylor Gaines and Bryan Faux. Check them out at their new pod site and keep an eye out for their pods!

This week on The Fauxworthy Podcast…Bryan and Taylor have been doing some work behind the scenes, but now they’re back behind the mics to talk about FX’s great spy drama, “The Americans.” Here within lie exciting announcements for the podcast along with discussion of what makes a show essential, whether you need to be able to root for the characters you are watching, if plot matters, and more.

Check it out at the jump! 

You can follow Talor Gaines on Twitter @GainesTaylor and Bryan Faux @fauxbj_88!

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Keep it peeled to The Establishing Shot for updates and articles from the Fauxworthy Podcast, as well as all of our other great written content. 


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