I Fell In love With Orphan Black And So Will You

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Remember in middle school when you fell in love for the first time? You had those butterflies in your stomach, all you could think about is that one person and when someone asks you why, you get nervous. Your palms start to sweat and as you try to explain all that comes out is incoherent babbling and weird clichés. You sheepishly walk away, but your feelings only become stronger.

Picture this: a college student deep within the haze which inevitably follows final exams. Pretty simple, right? That’s me. I’m back in middle school. Orphan Black is that girl that makes my heart stop when she walks by leaving me feeling a little queasy in the best way. And unlike my middle school flames, no matter how much I embarrass myself with my professions of undying love it’s here to say. Here comes our little love story.

It begins with a friend. A friend who is particularly fond of defending the snubbed, you know the type. Award season comes around, and they become a one-person propaganda machine for their favorite show. Needless to say, I’ve experienced my fair share of lament on behalf of Orphan Black, but I never understood what the fuss was about. I mean, Award shows are kind of snobby anyway, great performances are ignored all the time. So for the past couple years, I forgot about it. So when I came across the title a few weeks ago, what the heck, I give it a shot.

Orphan Black is next level. The concept is ambitious, to say the least. A tale of 11 clones becoming self-aware and dealing with the existential crisis bound to such a revelation. Let’s get this straight. One actress, Tatiana Maslany, plays 11 different characters. 11. And yeah, okay, it’s been attempted before, sure. But O sweet reader, not like this. I have never experienced anything like this, and I doubt I will again.

I constantly have to remind myself that these characters are played by one person. The editing is so seamless, the performances so immersive and genuine. I feel like I’m watching actual clones. It seems absurd, and okay, it is, but brilliant. Maslany’s range cannot be overstated. From suburban soccer mom to ex-Russian assassin to a super geeky pot smoking geneticist, it’s masterful. Give her all the awards. Grammy’s, Oscars, Tony’s. The Orphan Black award show? I’d watch. Hell, I’d go.

So here I am, finished rambling and wanting to awkwardly walk away. Will I ever stop geeking out about Orphan Black? Probably not. There’s too much to talk about. The writing, the relevance, the makeup and costuming, pretty much everything. And unlike middle school, my obsession won’t get me strange looks and hushed whispers. And the best thing? This relationship is open. Go get em, tiger.

Season 1-3 are available to stream on Amazon Video. Season 4 airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on BBC America.

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