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Last Spring, Ryan Murphy took all of the American Horror Story and Glee fans on a wild trip to Kappa Kappa Tau. We ended up on a college campus following the story of sorority girls dealing with a murder spree. While the original concept seemed less than thrilling, an all-star cast vying for their lives against a Red Devil did spark the interest of many. It was the multiple twists every episode and new person to name the Red Devil in almost every scene that had us hooked.picture1

After a long summer of withdrawal from pastels, pearls, and an obscene amount of fur, the Chanel’s are back! Season 2 takes us three years into the future after the Red Devil was caught and arrested. Dean Munsch is now Doctor Munsch after receiving an honorary doctorate from the university, Munch decides to take this new title and try to make a difference in the world. She comes up with the idea of a hospital specifically constructed with the goal of curing seemingly incurable or difficult diseases. During the premiere, they briefly mentioned her fortune coming from her amazing book sales but the episode left us a little confused as to what the book was about and what happened to the rest of the university.

Obviously, Munsch knew she was lacking in medical expertise so she hired “the best doctors” to join her staff aka the gorgeous duo of Dr. Cassidy Cascade (Taylor Lautner) and Dr. Brock Holt (John Stamos). When Zayday met her new co-workers, she was a little less than impressed; especially after learning that Holt has someone else’s hand attach to his wrist. She points out that Munsch’s feminism platform doesn’t seem to be represented in her own hospital with Zayday being the only female doctor in sight. So Munsch offers the Chanel trio a chance to make themselves look good in the social spotlight again.

The episode was actually very well constructed. It can be really difficult for shows to pull off a time jump without leaving viewers confused or annoyed but Scream Queens was able to give complete recaps and fill-in blanks while keeping the story moving along. The episode was pretty funny because it gave a few more memorable moments than most. I mean, Chanel taking off her clothes when she sees John Stamos in the shower is basically all of us. One of the most defining moments, literally, was Munsch and the Chanels presenting the multiple meanings of ghosting.

Of course, the episode ended just the way Scream Queens should, with someone mysteriously dying by an unknown killer. Leaving all of us wondering who the culprit is and what their motive is. This season is definitely going to be as good as viewers can hope. We’re expecting the appearance of beloved characters from last season as well as some new celebrity additions.

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