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After having an abrupt ending to season 4 and news of new show Young and Sofia, the future of Freeform’s Young and Hungry was up in the air. A few days ago, it was officially announced that Young and Hungry was renewed for a fifth season.

I started watching the show during the original airing of season 1 back in 2014. Shortly, it became too difficult to keep up with the premiere dates of mid-seasons so I fell off the wagon. Nearly two years later, this weekend I binged every episode through the fourth season.  I would definitely rate this series well in the sitcom genre. The show stars old time Disney actresses such as, Emily Osment who starred alongside Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana as well as appearances from executive producer and HSM alum Ashley Tisdale.


Cast of Young and Hungry

The sitcom is centered on an aspiring chef looking for work in San Francisco to help pay the rent of the one-bedroom apartment she shares with her longtime best friend. That chef-to-be, Gabi (Emily Osment), gets a job for successful, young, app developer Josh Kaminski (Jonathan Sadowski). The premise of the show is based on the wacky misadventures of Gabi Diamond involving her love life, including on and off relationship with her boss Josh, as well as the many incredible predicaments she finds herself in.

The show was originally met with a rush of rave reviews. As time went by, viewing of the show dwindled because fans became upset with the repetitive and predictable nature of the plot line. I think in the television age of today something new happens every five minutes. Many shows hit viewers with a surprising twist or turn in every episode to keep them coming back. While the style may not be for everyone, I enjoyed the old-time TV predictability of the sitcom. It was a sense of enjoyment and comfort to know that no matter what crazy antics occurred throughout the episode, it would all be worked out in the end because their friendships prevail.

In a time of Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and The Walking Dead, a sit-down, feel good comedy, could bore audiences and cause the viewership to decrease. Thankfully, there was enough positive movement from fans like myself to push the network to allow the fifth season. Will this season be the last? Only the story line will tell.  Ashley Tisdale, a producer of the show, has already announced that a spinoff will be coming soon. The new show aptly titled, Young and Sofia, will focus on the work life and adventures of the beloved best friend to Gabi, Sofia Rodriquez, as she balances her new job as an assistant for top Journalist Logan Rawlings played by Tisdale.


Aimee Carrero (Sofia) and Ashley Tisdale (Logan)

The pilot for the new show was oddly debuted during the fourth season of its predecessor show. While the placement was a little strange, the writing was very well done and gave a throwback work show vibe similar to Spin City or Frasier. It was also nice to get a look into the life of Sofia because for three previous seasons, she was just known as a supportive friend with no real character development of any kind. Viewers will have to wait until about mid-2017 to see anything more from either show, but I am very excited for what’s to come.

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